"Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God."


The 20 million Zhuang are the largest people group in the world without the scriptures in their heart language.

Misty Mountains

A beautiful peaceful people living in East Asia.

Practicing ecologically sustainable farming in lovely mountain scenery, the Zhuang number 20 million. They worship ancestors and village gods. The Zhuang have great linguistic diversity. Little has changed since this 1922 report describing the homeland of the Zhuang people: "There are 58 cities, 700 market towns, and over 17,000 villages, all teeming with human lives for whom no effort whatever is being put forth." Young Zhuang people often migrate into cities for work and education. Wherever they go they are loved by the Lord Jesus.


We want to provide them with the bible in their own languages so they can follow Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Zhuang Maiden in Costume
  We aim to see an indigenous Biblical church movement amongst the Zhuang people.   Indigenous: because it is led by the Zhuang themselves;   Biblical: because they interpret Scripture for themselves;   Church: because the church is God's design for the Gospel;   Movement: because they will spread the word to their neighbours.

Verse of the day

Hoeng, Yehsuh dauq naeuz: “Hawj gyoengq lwgngez goq daeuj dep gou, gaejyungh laengz gyoengqde, aenvih aen guek Cangqdiq dwg gvi haeuj luj doenghheij lwgngez neix hih.”

Matthew 19:14
Drying corn cobs in barn
Clay tiles on roof
Zhuang lady overlooking mountain view
Front of a Zhuang house

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