There is a helpful app called "5fish" in which there are various Zhuang dialect texts and recordings. We recommend it is not downloaded by people in or travelling to China for security reasons. However, it can be very useful to help our Zhuang friends in other countries.

Holding Hands

Will you be part of a work of God? We are praying to see the Zhuang reached and we have faith that the Lord can make this happen within our lifetimes. The infographic is just a start to finding out more about this large, lovely and lost people group.

The Yongbei Zhuang language has some portions of scripture. An elderly lady heard the first two chapters of Genesis being read to her said "Why am I only hearing this now when I am already 81 years old? All my life I have worshipped the earth and sky. Why am I ony hearing about the God who created everything now after so many years?" We who live in countries who have known about the Lord Jesus for 1500 years must answer her question.

Find below two greeting card images drawn by a Zhuang artist of rural scenes. Feel free to download and use these cards.

Zhuang Home
Zhuang Granny

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